SH Blog: Lin struggles to live up to “Linsanity” hype in Houston

Today, I was walking around Halifax when I saw a guy wearing a Spurs hat.
And not just any Spurs hat, one with the old teal/fuchsia/orange logo (and a fuchsia brim, no less!). It made me kind of miss the 90’s-era NBA.
Where are the creative color schemes today? It seems like every team’s logo is stylized, animal-looking, menacing, usually with heavy amounts of grey. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Bobcats. It’s all right to be bad (OK, not as bad as before), but at least maybe try a little harder not to be so generic?
But let’s stay away from the teal, OK? Boss hates that color.
Okay, enough about logos. As usual, we’ve got all the latest news from the NBA. Today’s top story is about Jeremy Lin and “Linsanity”, and, coincidentally, we’ve got a column from Moke Hamilton up on that exact topic. In Moke’s words, Lin was “fool’s gold”.
We’ve also got a new set of MVP rankings, with a new guy at the top. Click on through to see who it is.
Now, on to today’s latest:

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