Bernucca: Money for nothing, checks for free


Andris Biedrins, C, Warriors: Clinched his spot here almost a year ago, when Golden State inexplicably used its amnesty clause on Charlie Bell’s $4.1 million expiring contract and kept Biedrins’ three years and $27 million. He wouldn’t even be playing if Andrew Bogut were healthy, and his 0.5 points and 3.0 rebounds makes rookie Festus Ezeli look like Wilt Chamberlain. While somewhat entertaining, his adventurous free-throw shooting is not worth
$9 million.

Lamar Odom, F, LA Clippers: He appears to be fulfilling Bill Simmons’ prediction that he will be out of the NBA by season’s end, which will mean he went from Sixth Man Award winner to Sixteenth Man Award winner in less than two years. He is raking in a cool $8.2 million for his 1.5 points on 21 percent shooting. A ridiculous salary for a minimal contribution makes him a perfect addition to the Kardashian family.

Luke Walton, F, Cavaliers: He actually played 21 minutes in the first three games, which prevented him from an unofficial claim to the top spot on this squad. He has two points and two rebounds and has truly needed a postgame shower once since Nov. 3. Over the last three full seasons, he has averaged $73,395 per point ($15.78 million, 215 points). The best thing that can be said about his $6.1 million salary is that it expires in June.

Charlie Villanueva, F, Pistons: Maybe Lawrence Frank was just being nice, allowing him to play in New York, his hometown. Or maybe a leak in our corporate office that let Villanueva know our column idea. Before his 17 points in 19 minutes of virtual garbage time, he had three points on 1-of-10 shooting and 11 DNPs. He’s only making $8.06 million this season – and $8.58 million next season.

Drew Gooden, F, Bucks: Ilyasova looks like a stat machine compared to his teammate, who is the Daniel Simpson Day of the NBA. Gooden has fallen off the cliff; after averaging 13.7 points last season – the second-highest mark of his career – his games active this season match his uniform number, which is a big, fat zero. Gooden is making $6.68 million this season. And next season. And the season after that. Amnesty, anyone?

TRIVIA: Who is the highest-paid active player yet to make an All-Star Game? Answer below.


  1. Evan says

    Unless I completely managed to miss it, one glaring omission would have to be Jeff Green. The man is making bank and doing zilch. He’s had one good game against OKC, and then what does he for an encore…an 0-fer-9’er. Youch. Pity points are available for his heart surgery, but that’s not the topic at hand. Green by technical salary knock-out.

    • says


      You might be right, at least for the honorable mention area. He is averaging 8 ppg which is not bad for a bench player but unacceptable for a $9 million bench player. And just so you know, I’m not a pity guy. Thanks for reading. CB

  2. Jim says

    I couldn’t agree more with your regarding Hibbert, Ilyasova, and Biedrins. They have been awful. But, while he makes less money, Kirk Hinrich for the Bulls has been dreadful. He can’t shoot, defend, or run a team anymore.

    But Tyrus Thomas, has anyone really expected anything out of him the last 2 years? I get your point with the money he makes, but if any Bobcat fan was expecting anything out of him this year they haven’t watched much basketball the last few years.

    And A.J., seriously, you don’t understand when someone is doing a play on words?

    • says


      Thanks for reading. Have to admit haven’t watched much Bulls so can’t speak to Hinrich but it does seem like Nate is playing an awful lot. Bobcats paid Thomas like they expected something. Oh well. At least they saved their amnesty provision. CB

    • says

      WOW this must have been an amazing night! Congratulations on fidning homes for some of these exquisite pieces of art. I understand that you used bespoke tailoring patterns of deceased Savile Row customers for these pieces? How intriguing, I love this idea, thanks for sharing it. I’m gutted I discovered you just too late to see this show! I shall be following you anyway. Happy Friday! Tan

  3. A,J. says

    Umm, Chris … the Dire Straits lyrics said “chicks for free,” not “checks for free.” I’m guessing you also thought the Jimi Hendrix “Purple Haze” lyrics said, “Excuse me while I kiss this guy.”

    So for the sake of accuracy in reporting, you may want to completely update your post. Discuss all the times Pat Ewing got his apple polished at the Gold Club. Or Jeff Garcia still making the neighborhood gloryhole his home away from home.

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