SH Blog: Joakim Noah calls Thibodeau style “dictatorship”, Rubio return on the horizon

Last season, several key players were lost due to the dreadful tear of an ACL, clouding the future of each player that suffered the injury.

The first major player that went down due to the devastating knee injury was Ricky Rubio of the Timberwolves during a game against the Lakers. Minnesota was well on pace to fight for a playoff spot, but everything unraveled once Rubio was lost – the team went 5-20 without the sensational point guard.

This season, the Timberwolves got off to a hot start, winning five of their first seven games despite playing without Rubio and Kevin Love. Unfortunately, injuries continued to pile on for the young team and the losses started to mount as a result, just as it did last season. The team has lost six of its last seven games – three straight since the return of Love.

It all sounds terrible, but good things are on the way for this seemingly-cursed team. With the exception of Chase Budinger and Brandon Roy, all the players have returned from their respective injuries. Also, Rubio has been seen running around and doing drills before games recently, and his return may soon be on the horizon.

See the latest update on the Spanish point guard, along with other relevant news from around the league: 


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