Tweet of the Day: Chris Wilcox

As was alluded to in last night’s blog, tragedy struck Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale and his family over the weekend.

The news came two weeks after he took a leave of absence from the Rockets bench citing “personal reasons.”

His daughter, Alexandra “Sasha” McHale, passed away at the early age of 23 from lupus.

Chris Wilcox, a backup power forward for the Boston Celtics sent his condolences via Twitter on Tuesday.

My heart goes out to Kevin McHale and his family. Losing someone close from Lupus is a tragedy. #CruelMystery
Chris Wilcox

Wilcox can empathize with what McHale is going through, as his life has been greatly affected by lupus.

As the tender age of eight, his aunt Remonia died from lupus. Later, as a 15-year-old high schooler, his aunt Brenda also died from the disease. His sister Tahesia has also been diagnosed with the lupus.

He started the annual Chris Wilcox Charity Golf outing in partnership with The Lupus Foundation of America to raise money to benefit lupus research.

In addition to Wilcox, the McHale family has received a great deal of support around the league.

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