Heisler’s NBA Power Rankings After Week Four

Uh, Memphis, anyone?

With the Clippers nosediving out of the No. 1 slot like an anvil falling out of an airplane, we’re auditioning our fourth team in four weeks for No. 1.

Oklahoma City, my preseason pick, traded James Harden before opening night, started 2-2 and abdicated, falling to No. 15, even if I dropped them an extra 10 places just for effect.

Miami, my No. 1 after the first week despite having gotten its doors shot off in New York, proceeded to get wiped out in Memphis.

So I turned to the always-trusty 7-1 Spurs, who lost at home to the Knicks and Clippers, prompting Coach Gregg Popovich to move his mid-season tirade up several months, blasting them as “embarrassments.”

Since we can’t have embarrassments at No. 1 and all the usual suspect had issues, I made the 8-2 Clippers No. 1 and the 8-1 Knicks No. 2.

Between them, they went 1-7 last week.

Not that I don’t have complete conviction, with Memphis headed for San Antonio on Saturday. But I guess the Grizzlies should get a shot?

As for selections Nos. 8-22: with 15 teams within two games of .500, we don’t even have a legitimate No. 8 at the moment. The operative phrase is “at the moment.” The only thing that means less than November in an NBA season is October.

There’s an eternity left for teams with issues and track records of figuring them out, like the Celtics and Lakers. There are two important late entries, Derrick Rose and John Wall, who could change things.

Take the Wizards. Please! When Wall comes back, they can be reasonably confident of winning a game!

So almost everyone can still dream of something. Even you little Bobcats.


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