LeBron James reclaims top spot in jersey sales

1. LeBron James, Miami
2. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City
3. Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers
4. Carmelo Anthony, New York
5. Derrick Rose, Chicago
6. Rajon Rondo, Boston
7. Dwyane Wade, Miami
8. Blake Griffin, LA Clippers
9. Dwight Howard, LA Lakers
10. Chris Paul, LA
11. Deron Williams, Brooklyn
12. Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City
13. Steve Nash, LA Lakers
14. Paul Pierce, Boston
15. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas

And here are the top 10 team sellers:

1. Knicks
2. Heat
3. Lakers
4. Bulls
5. Celtics
6. Thunder
7. Nets
8. Clippers
9. Spurs
10. Mavericks


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