Tweet of the Night: Kris Humphries

Anyone know where I can get a quick Tetanus shot in Boston?
Kris Humphries



Kris Humphries and Rajon Rondo got into a scuffle near the end of the first half  during the game between the Nets and the Celtics on Wednesday, and it appears the former reality television star got the worst of the exchange, as you can see above.

Both players were ejected from the game and Gerald Wallace – who already had one technical prior to the play – picked up his second technical for an automatic ejection. Kevin Garnett also received one technical.

So what exactly happened? Lets take a look:


  1. @adrich1 says

    Kevin Garnett shadily tripping Kris Humphries as he’s pushed by Rondo

    That’s also fun. Typical Garnett. First he flops, causes a fracas, and then tries to make it even worse. Won’t get penalized for it either. And yes, he FLOPPED. I know Evans and Wallace do it but you dont see Hump with the extra effort to take a hard foul on KG, he just hits the deck hard, but before doing that, he decides to fake like he got hit in the head. Total dick.

    Rondo NEEDS to get suspended, KG atleast fined for the flop or the shove on Wallace who was clearly trying to grab him to take him out of the fight so he doesnt keep instigating it. The NBA wont see the picture I put here but if he doesnt do that, Hump doesnt lose his balance and they dont go into the stands. KG might have cost Rondo a game or two for letting that get into the stands

    • jerry25 says

      I expect the NBA to get that Pic, since it was from Stefan Bondy of the NY Daily News.
      I tweeted the pic to Hump and hope he retweets it.

      The fake of getting hit in the face is what annoys me. It was obvious it was a normal foul on KG’s shoulder.

      Celtics are just upset for being called Soft by their coach, who said what Rondo did is not the way to show that you aren’t soft.

    • Jen says

      KG is the most prolific flopper the league has ever seen. He should feel REALLY bad for that monstrous flop that got Rondo ejected. Shame on you KG! You are so money. No need to flop.

  2. jerry25 says

    Rondo should get suspended for no less than 5-10 games. He is a total JERK.
    And Hump just had a regular foul. Tommy Heinson is an Ass. Garnet wasn’t hit on the face, as the replay shows clearly. I can’t understand why Hump got any technicals? Wallace was only trying to break up the fight. KG should have been thrown out of the game too, because he threw a punch.

    And what is all this crap about Hump being SOFT?? I thought fighting in an NBA game was forbidden and getting suspended was the worst possible thing you could do for your team.

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