SH Blog: Grizz screwed in San Antonio; More reactions to the Spurs’ 250K fine

Gregg Popovich and the Spurs got their money’s worth.

Now, it’s a question of whether the refs should be fined.

Helped by an egregious non-call late in overtime, the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday night 99-95, rallying from a 15-point deficit in the second half behind some great play from their well-rested Big Three.

But what will really sting for the Grizzlies was the way this one ended.

Gary Neal of the Spurs released a shot with about 16 seconds left, the ball failing to leave his hand before the shot clock expired. It was an airball, and a 24-second violation should have been called. Happens at least once every night in the NBA, and the refs always make that call.

Not this time.

Memphis rebounded the ball, quickly pushed it upcourt and promptly turned it over on a bad pass by Jarryd Bayless with Memphis trailing 97-95. Tony Parker was fouled with 9 seconds left and made both free throws for a four-point lead, and that was it.

Tough loss to swallow for the Grizzlies.

(The non-call was the worst officiating gaffe I have seen all season, but then again, I haven’t watched every single NBA game. Raptors fans chimed in on Twitter, as you will see below-CS)


  1. raul says

    I guess you mised the foul called on bonner where he was pushed from behind by zbo into a a grizzly teammate driving to the hoop. Why dont you talk about all the missed calls.


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