SH Blog: Jeff Van Gundy, Wojnarowski and more react to David Stern’s fine

Doc Rivers also chimed in on the extent of the fine, from Gary Washburn of Boston Globe: “Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he wasn’t pleased with the league’s $250,000 fine against the Spurs for sending four players home to San Antonio and missing the clash with the Miami Heat. “I don’t like it; I think we should have our (choice), I do get the other side of it but it’s a tough one,” he said. “You gotta coach your team to win in the long run and you’ve got to do whatever you need to do and if it’s sitting players, you sit players. It’s a tough one.”

Buck Harvey of San Antonio Express-News expressed dissatisfaction in Stern’s erroneous ways: “David Stern said he wanted to “apologize to all NBA fans,” and that was a start. Someone needed to be contrite about a schedule that matched the most rested vs. the most tired for a national television audience. But Stern has never apologized for a crushing schedule. He cares about marketing and television, which is why he decided to get into the business of coaching Thursday night. When that’s not his business.”

Brian Schmitz of Orlando Sentinel had a different take, saying Popovich should be suspended for his actions: “NBA Commissioner David Stern should suspend San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich for a game and fine the Spurs heavily for the no-show stunt Pop pulled against the Miami Heat on Thursday night. Popovich sent his three aging stars – Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili (plusDanny Green) – home to San Antonio to rest up for Saturday night’s game against Memphis. Popovich ripped off the customers who pay the usual high NBA ticket for a much-anticipated matchup; thumbed his nose at NBA partner TNT, which helps pay all the ridiculous salaries; and embarrassed a league that promotes its stars 24-7.”

And finally, here is an emotional discussion about who is in the wrong, from the TNT crew (prior to the fine):

Moving onto other relevant news items from Friday:


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