Tweet of the Day: Anthony Morrow

Early on, as the news first got out, the Belcher’s name was withheld from the media, as is reflected in Charlotte Bobcats guard Gerald Henderson’s tweet.

chiefs player commits suicide in practice facility. no name yet release. goodness. pray for his family #chiefs
Gerald Henderson
More NBA players’ reaction:
Chiefs player kills girlfriend then shoots his self in the head!! Smh prayers to both their families.
Courtney Lee
God bless the chiefs LB & his babies mother. Hope god watches over the young baby they left behind!!
Matt Barnes
K.C Chiefs player pass away 2day. Damn!!!!
In an effort to put the situation into better perspective, Kansas City Mayor Sly James, who spoke with the media, had this to say:

“I’m here, you’re here, we’re all here because a young man in a high-profile position, for whatever reasons, felt the end of the world had come and he had to act in the way he did. What kind of burden was he under to do that? What is it like to be unable to go to dinner without people getting in your face and calling you scum and loser and everything else?

“There are more factors we can fathom in a conversation about this. All things are factors in what happens in our lives. And sometimes we get a little bit overboard in what we do. I don’t know what happened here, none of us do. There’s only one person who does, and unfortunately he’s unable to tell us. But the bottom line is we as a society and as a city have to recognize when we’re talking about people . . . we’re talking about real, honest to God people, and they have lives and feelings.”