Tweet of the Day: JR Smith

The New York Knicks continued their impressive play with a 106 – 99 win against the Phoenix Suns on Sunday afternoon. The victory marks a 12-4 start (7-0 at Madison Square Garden) for the Knicks this season. While the win marks their third straight after dropping four of their previous seven games following their impressive 6-0 start, it was not without its pitfalls.

Knicks point guard Raymond Felton injured his left thumb in the victory and is now listed as day-to-day.

Monday afternoon Knicks shooting guard JR Smith sent out the following tweet with an Instagram photo of teammate Carmelo Anthony (shown below).

As you may have noticed, Smith, as many Knicks players have, used the hashtag #knickstape.

You may not be familiar with the term or what it means.

“#knickstape,” and its derivatives (such as #TAPED), are a reference to Knicks Tape, a term for which the team has come up with to describe themselves.

As Iman Shumpert—who is still recovering from knee surgery—explains, the term is deeper than just a catchy nickname. The idea comes from mix tapes—compilations of popular songs recorded on audio cassette tape. Each player on the team is a unique person with his own style and personality, just like songs on mix tape.

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