Tweet of the Day: JR Smith

The term, which had its beginnings with Shumpert and guard J.R. Smith, has caught on with the team, as they now use it to build unity and togetherness within the squad.

The Knicks Tape may seem silly or sound juvenile, but the team is taking it serious. It is becoming their identity. They have all taken to using #Tape or #KnicksTape in their tweets.

The feeling is reminiscent of the 2007-08 Boston Celtics with their chant of ubuntu. The C’s bonded under the message of unity found in ubuntu and carried that all the way to a championship.

Head coach Mike Woodson, who is in his first full season in charge of the Knicks, has this team playing exceptionally well, and while some of the credit may be due to how effectively they are shooting the ball, they are making strides on the defensive end as well.

The season is still young, but if the Knicks Tape can maintain their chemistry and high level of play it could mean big things when the postseason comes along.

With 66 games to go, many New Yorkers hope so.


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Michael Brumagin is the “Tweet of the Day” columnist for Sheridan Hoops and a sports correspondent for Bleacher Report.  You can follow him on Twitter.


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