Tweet of the Night: Wally Szczerbiak

Dwight Howard better figure out his ft shooting. He shoots them like shaq did but he's nowhere near as dominant as shaq was. #Lakers #NBA
Wally Szczerbiak

It’s a harsh way of making comparisons (although Shaquille O’Neal would be proud), but former player and current MSG Network analyst Wally Szczerbiak was quite frank about Dwight Howard, whose free throw shooting has been comically bad in his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

It’s no secret that the big man’s biggest struggle comes from the stripe, but over the past couple of seasons, he has become a true liability. Howard leads the league in free throw attempts with 11.3 per game, but has converted on a paltry 46.8 percent of those tries. Although this doesn’t quite tell the whole story of a game, there is no question that all those misses have cost the Lakers a number of games. Lets take a look at some of his worst performances of the season:

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