Sheridan: Aside from Gasol, who else is likely to be traded?

For fans of NBA trade talk (and who isn’t?), there next big day on the calendar is Dec. 15 — the date when the majority of players who signed as free agents over the summer become trade-eligible.

Yes, Ryan Anderson is among them.

And yes, the Lakers would love to have him.

And yes, the Chicago Bulls would love to take Pau Gasol off the Lakers’ hands if they decide it is best to move him.

Does that mean it will happen imminently? Impossible to say.

But what is not impossible to say if who else might be among the most likely players to be traded? I discuss with CineSport’s Brian Clark in the video below.




  1. raptors lakers fan says

    The stretch4 on the Raps is former #1 overall pick Andrea Bargnani, not Linas Kleiza..
    Maybe Raps, Wolves, Lakers pull off 3 way deal as they try to pair Pau w Rubio
    Who could the Wolves give up? Derrick Williams (bust?) Malcolm Lee (who?) JJ Barea, Pek?
    Am I an awful fan for already wishing the Raps ill fate, as their draft pick is only top 3 protected this year from OKC..? For Harden from Houston for Lowry, weak looking draft anyway
    Headin’ over to next column, Rookie Rankings! Keep up the good work guys!
    from Canada

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