Tweet of the Day: Jerry Stackhouse

How would you like to hear someone say that you were hired just to look pretty?

While I am sure there are plenty of jobs out there for which that is the only requirement, generally that is not the qualification for a professional male athlete.

Something similar was said of Brooklyn Nets guard Jerry Stackhouse, he took it in stride.

"The plan was for Stackhouse to mostly sit at the end of the bench in a lot of handsome, wide shouldered suits" LOL wasn't my plan!@
Jerry Stackhouse

Columnist Dan Kelly recently wrote that statement in an article on the SNY Nets website.

In his article, Kelly writes that the Nets original hope was to utilize Stackhouse as a player/coach and a mentor for their younger players—like MarShon Brooks. Then the team found itself in a shooting slump from the three-point line.

That’s where Stackhouse comes in, Kelly explains.

And so it has been Jerry Stackhouse who has assumed the role as the corner three assassin. The career 30 percent three-point shooter is 17-for-38 on the season, which is good for 45 percent. At 38 years of age—and in the 18th year of his NBA career—Stackhouse appears to have finally harnessed his “Old Man Jumper.”

“Old Man Jumper.”

That is quite laughable.

Not all players acquire polished jumpers as they age. There may be more evidence to the contrary.

However, to his own expectations, Stackhouse has not only been a contributor off the bench, but has provided quality shooting for the Nets this season.

That’s more than can be said for some of the younger players on their roster—and in the league—this year.


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