SH Blog: Ball movement has Knicks in rhythm, on fire

During the pregame of Knicks-Heat on TNT, Marv Albert wasted no time targeting the biggest concern of the evening for Knicks fans.

Would New York, minus Carmelo Anthony, be able to put the ball in the hoop?

“That’s an excellent question, Marv,” replied Steve Kerr, who knows a little something about shooting and spacing the floor himself. “They’re gonna have to make some three-pointers. This is a Knicks team that averages almost 12 [makes] per game, which leads the NBA. The question is whether they can create the spacing without Carmelo there to get those good looks. The other problem is they’re facing a Miami team that was embarrassed the other night in Washington and they want a little revenge against the Knicks, too, because remember early in the season the Knicks blew them out in Madison Square Garden.

“The Heat will be prepared tonight.”

A few moments later, Raymond Felton brought the ball upcourt and passed to Jason Kidd on the left wing. Felton then cut through the interior and used a Tyson Chandler natural screen to lose Mario Chalmers in the paint before heading to the strong-side corner, where he caught the ball and buried his first of a career-high six 3-pointers. (Sidenote: In third grade, a team I played for ran this exact play nearly every time down the floor. Nice quick-hitter at all levels, apparently)

One 3-pointer and 2:15 of game play passed by and Kerr still wondered aloud whether the Knicks would be able to get consistent open looks against the Heat.


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