Tweet of the Day: Anthony Davis

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Continue school. Haha not finish. Have 3 years left to finish. Lol @
Anthony Davis

Kidd-Gilchrist sent out a tweet confirming their scholastic plans.

Summer School wit @ y'all should make this a reality show this summer lol.. Have no idea what I'm going to major in
Mike Kidd-Gilchrist

Considering that in 2009 Debbie Rothstein Murman, the director for career development for the NBA Players Association, said that only 21 percent of all then-current NBA athletes had received their undergraduate degrees contrasted with the large percentage of players who eventually exhaust their fortunes and go broke (60 percent), a degree is a great option to fall back on.

Best of luck to them in their future academic endeavors. Hopefully, more athletes will follow the path of higher learning.


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