Tweet of the Night: Stephen Jackson

Aside from being a monster shot-blocker, Ibaka is known at times for having a short fuse, and it’s not the most pleasant thing to watch because it’s usually pretty unnecessary. Here are some examples:

Ibaka has become quite a player this season with his ability to consistently knock down the outside jumper. His scoring has gone up from 9.1 last season to 14.5 points this season, making him an added threat to an already potent offense and a candidate for the Most Improved Player award. Hopefully, he can leave his sometimes-terrible attitude behind and just continue to play solid basketball for his team.

On a side note, Jackson’s replied comments to some of the fans about his tweet are hilarious:

@ He's from Africa he might be more about that life than any of us. Chill Predator nose!
Penelope Snooze
Wow. @ Lol. Get off twitter with that shit talking. Do it on the court. We'll see what you'll do on the 17th #ThunderUp! Ibaka >
Markie Mark
@ nobody knows u. Kill ya self 😂😂😂😂
Stephen Jackson

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  1. kingRichard says

    I wonder if growing up as a displaced child in civil was torn Congo a place where verbal threats are often carried out to respond the way he does.

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