Sheridan: Around the NBA: Kyrie Irving will out-impact Pau Gasol

I talk to a lot of folks around the NBA, and the sense from general managers and agents is that Mitch Kupchak’s voice is being heard, and the best thing to do is stay patient and see if Pau Gasol can become a productive player again once Steve Nash returns, whenever that might be. (Remember when the Lakers said he’d be out a week? It’s now 5 going on 6).

Kyrie Irving is returning for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who face the Lakers (who may or may not have Gasol back from ”knee tendinitis”) for the opener of their four-game road trip which includes stops in New York, Washington and Philly.

In this video with CineSport’s Brian Clark, I discuss the impacts Gasol and Irving will have upon their returns, and whose will be greater. We also hit on the slumping Brooklyn Nets and the surging Los Angeles Clippers.

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