Tweet of the Day: JR Smith

“Second free-throw, my goodness!”

“I’m not sure what that was…Good Lord.”

Not the most reassuring assessment of one’s free-throw shooting skills. Unfortunately for Appalachian State center Brian Okam, that is what happens when your shot falls 10 or so feet short of the basket.

His shot made waves and is now viral. That wasn’t the case when New York Knicks guard JR Smith first sent out this tweet.

So no one saw the kid in college shoot at 2ft air ball free throw? #Tragic

The tragedy is seeing something that you think is hilarious and having no one to share it with because nobody saw what you was.

Now you’ve seen it—if you hadn’t before.

Our own Chris Bernucca wrote about the free throw early Monday afternoon.

Golden State Warriors Brandon Rush and Anthony Tolliver of the Atlanta Hawks were also talking about Okam’s free throw (as seen below).

WOW!Watch "WCU vs App State- Worst free throw ever" on YouTube
Anthony Tolliver

Hopefully, Okam can find his stroke and improve on his .400 percent shooting from the line.

He’s not yet as old as Dwight Howard, so he still has time to get it together.


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