Video: The worst free throw ever? Maybe

Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan, Brendan Haywood and anyone else who has struggled with free throws, take heart.

Each of you is a regular Rick Barry compared to this guy.

This is Brian Okam, a 7-foot junior center for Appalachian State University. Okam was born in Nigeria but has spent several years in the United States. He played at Montrose Christian – the same high school as Kevin Durant – in Rockville, Md. before transferring to Lake Highland High School in Orlando, Fla.

Okam began his collegiate career at Rutgers before transferring to Appalachian State. At all of those stops, apparently no one ever tought him how to shoot a free throw. Here he is at the line in Saturday’s loss at Western Carolina.

Okam is 2-of-5 from the line this season and was 2-of-4 last season. In the 2009-10 campaign at Rutgers, he was 8-of-13 from the stripe.

So while no one will ever confuse Okam for Steve Nash, there has been nothing to suggest he is capable of making a free throw look like it was taken in a windstorm.

Until now.

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