Daily NBA Trivia Question: Dec. 12, 2012

Today’s question may force you to work overtime – literally.

Here it is: Which player holds the NBA record for scoring the most points in an overtime period?


  1. Anon says

    I can’t find the source but I was watching the game, I think circa 2007-2009. Earl Boykins scored 15 points in a regular season OT. 5’5″ Early Boykins playing for the Denver Nuggets.

  2. John Salzer says

    I was wondering the same thing…can’t believe TNT wouldn’t be making a point of this on their broadcast and post game show. I’m sure Curry has the record and that should be the key point that they address. If you find out it was someone else, email me and let me know who it was and how many points they scored.

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