Euroleague Power Rankings: Week 9

For every Blazer fan who asked Who? when his team traded Raymond Felton and Kurt Thomas to the Knicks for Kostas Papanikolaou and Georgios Printezis, it’s officially time to be OK with that.

And for every basketball fan that’s never enjoyed Dimitris Diamantidis at his best, you’re truly missing out on an all-time great.

Kostas is the 21-year-old Olympiacos small forward that has made over 50 percent of his threes in all but one game this season. Georgios  is his 27-year-old teammate with the Reds, a 6’9″ power forward who’s made a three in every game but one while shooting over 50 percent from two, and whose improved defense is a major reason for the uptick in the Greek club’s performance.

Between the two, they have missed a single free throw in nine games this season.

Diamantidis is the 32-year-old point guard for Panathinaikos that would just as soon back you down as he would shoot over you, an All-Decade performer in the Euroleague, winner of three EL championships with the Greens and six Defensive Player of the Year awards since they started handing it out in 2004-05.

And though the sight of Red and Green together illicit anything but Christmas cheer in the Greater Athens Area this time of year, both parties in one of the world’s most vicious rivalries are making Greek basketball look pretty damn good heading into the Regular Season’s final week.

Onto the rankings, the last before the Euroleague says adios to eight of its participants.


  1. says

    This may have been addressed while I was away, but why is Gasol maknig noise about playing this off season for Spain when he really seems to need to do domething else? (like take a break)His inconsistent play seems as much a cause of the Lakers downfall as lousy PG play. Gasol needs to locate his Mojo! Will he find it playing this Summer?

  2. Thomas says

    Any chance of getting Euro league stats column? (please don’t tell me it’s already here somewhere and I can’t find it)


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