Heisler: How the Lakers Can Fix Their Problems

Mark Heisler has been around the Lakers longer than most anyone in this business, he is a man of principles — and he is sticking to his guns on suggestions he offered even before the latest Lakers’ slide began.

He wants Mike D’Antoni to go to a three-guard lineup, he wants Pau Gasol to come off the bench as a Sixth Man, and he thinks changes need to happen fast.

“As configured they are not a very good team at all, and maybe never can be,” Heisler said in this video with CineSport’s Noah Coslov. Heisler suggests Kobe Bryant needs to take Dwight Howard under his wing to a certain degree, which would be something new for Kobe — especially with a new superstar in town, but Heisler also questions (like a lot of people are doing) whether Mike D’Antoni is the right person to coach the team.

Check out Mark’s latest Power Rankings, and see how low he has the Lakers ranked.


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