SH Blog: D’Antoni says Lakers “not even close to being a good team”

Really, it shouldn’t be a shock that a 10-14 team isn’t good. We’re past the point where that could be a huge fluke, right?
But of course, this is the Lakers, who just added Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, so it’s certainly not what anyone expected. Watching the Lakers right now is like watching a car crash in slow motion, and it’s a little refreshing to see their coach not hiding from that, though maybe it would be nice if he told us what his plan to fix things is (apart from “wait until Nash gets back”).
Speaking of missing star point guards, the Bulls are missing one of their own, and when Derrick Rose gets back, he may fix a lot of things for Tom Thibodeau’s team, but Paul Ladewski says they’re still missing one key piece, and they should be ready to pull the trigger for Kevin Love.
Now here’s today’s latest NBA news. It’s a little heavy on injured point guards, but then, isn’t the whole league?
  • Last night, arguably the league’s most underachieving team in the Lakers played arguably the league’s worst in the Wizards. Would the Lakers finally get an easy win to get back on track? Not really, writes Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News: “The Lakers ended their four-game losing streak with a 102-96 victory Friday over the Washington Wizards, a team that proved almost impossible to lose to no matter how much the Lakers’ issues persisted. ‘It was the minimum that we could do, but we did it,’ Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said. ‘In every game, you can start something. We won one. Now we have to turn it into two.’ … D’Antoni sounded most upset that the Lakers started playing at what he called a “snail’s pace.” Allowing 17 fast-break points didn’t help, either. ‘We were lackadaisical and lethargic. We always hit that, ‘ D’Antoni said. ‘We’re not even close to being a good team.’ ”

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