John Hollinger, Ric Bucher join SheridanHoopsRadio

It is ESPN alumni day on SheridanHoops Radio, with John Hollinger of the Memphis Grizzlies and Ric Bucher of CSN-Bay Area and NBCSportsChannel our featured guests. We also have a featured co-host, our own Mark Heisler.Enjoy the show:


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  1. Daniel says

    Hello there,

    — Very insightful interviews, excellent questions. I have a frustration though, which I’d like to air, in the hopes that the next time Ric Bucher comes on, it’ll be different.

    Ric is an excellent analyst, and I really enjoyed his commentary on the Lakers. But as a life-long Warriors fan, I was very disappointed that he was not asked any questions on the Warriors, who are playing terrific basketball right now. As Ric is on the sidelines for most of their games, it would have been great to hear his opinions about them. I’m saddened that the interviewers spent the entire interview asking about the Lakers and his old ESPN gig — as much as I enjoyed those questions as well.

    In future interviews with Ric, please ask him to give some detailed analysis on the Warriors.



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