DraftStreet Diary: FREE 1-Day Contest Tonight With $300 Cash In Prizes

Last Friday, more than 400 people joined the Sheridan Hoops Freeroll. One of them won $100 cash and 14 others shared $200 in consolation prizes. This week, it could be you. There’s no catch, it’s absolutely free.

Click the logo to enter if you’re already a member, or sign up with DraftStreet (no deposit or credit card needed) and you’re in. You can pick your eight players imediately and make unlimited lineup changes until 7:00 EST tonight.

The game is easy to learn. Players are eligible at one of three positions: G, F and C. Pick two of each (plus two Utility players) within a $100,000 salary cap. The scoring system has eight categories: PTS = 1 pt; REB = 1.25 pts; AST = 1.5 pts; STL = 2 pts; BLK = 2 pts; TO (-1 pt) and -0.5 pts for each missed FT or FG.

Last night, I lost in a few $2 Salary Cap and Pick’Em leagues, but also tried five $5 Snake Drafts — live drafts against one or two other players — and won four of them. The 2-man leagues paid $9 and the 3-man leagues $13.50, so my $100 weekly bankroll, which would have dropped to about $40 without those wins, is back up to $85 with three days remaining. That format is excellent on days when there are 3-5 NBA games; on a busier night, I prefer 6-man drafts. They are somewhat time-consuming, but if you are able to multi-task while waiting for them to fill (and during the 5-minute pre-draft period) they are tremendous fun.

The salaries in today’s chart are for the Freeroll only. There are many other great leagues tonight, including Qualifier #10 for the 2013 DraftStreet Basketball Championship. That one costs a whopping $55 to enter, and first place gets you into the main event, where the winner gets $50,000 cash! Tonight’s qualifier is limited to 150 teams, and will pay out $3,000 in consolation prizes ($750 for second. $500 for third) but I’m a beginner, not a high-roller.

Freeroll 15Dec. 21
StarsOver $13,000
Carmelo Anthony$17,855
Joakim Noah$19,337
David Lee$18,619
Stephen Curry$16,110
Blake Griffin$17,633
ScrubsUnder $9,000
Tyler Zeller$7,636
Alan Anderson$5,962
Mike Dunleavy$8,523
Dorell Wright$8,257
Nick Young$6,834
Starters$9,000 to $13,000
Ed Davis$11,912
Greg Monroe$12,938
Arron Afflalo$11,707
Nikola Vucevic$10,489
Jamal Crawford$9,478

Again, if you’re entering the DSBBC or any other league tonight, many player salaries will be different, as the DraftStreet computers make adjustments every day.

Even with only three NBA games, there are a multitude of possible lineups; here’s one of mine. Leagues close at 7:00 EST, and you can make unlimited changes until then.

F1 David Lee (GS-F) $18,619
F2 Paul Pierce (BOS-F) $14,764
G1 Stephen Curry (GS-G) $16,110
G2 Alan Anderson (TOR-G) $5,962
C1 Greg Monroe (DET-C) $12,527
C2 Nikola Vucevic (ORL-C) $11,749
U1 Dorell Wright (PHI-F) $8,257
U2 Ed Davis (TOR-F) $11,912

The Raptors have been hot since Alan Anderson returned from a foot injury. He’s a bargain price, as is Dorell Wright, whose circumstances changed dramatically this week when Evan Turner got hurt. I’m hoping Paul Pierce stays hot, and Golden State gets into another track meet.

Even if you have never played in a daily league before, enter the Freeroll just for fun. What have you got to lose?

Today’s Fantasy Spin previews each of tonight’s 10 NBA games in more detail and recaps Thursday’s action, where not even Kryptonite could slow down Nikola Pekovic.

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