SH Blog: Knicks made Stoudemire available “for free” in the summer

  • Amare Stoudemire explained why he missed the entire season so far, from Marc Berman of New York Post: “Stoudemire underwent what is called knee-debridement surgery Nov. 1st which is cleaning out the knee. Stoudemire had ruptured a cyst in his left knee in his lone preseason game in Montreal Oct. 19th. “Whenever there’s a ruptured cyst, there’a lot of fragments accumulate in the cyst,’’ Stoudemire said. “Then that cyst burst and it floats around in the knee and you have to go inside to clean it out.”
  • The Knicks apparently shopped Stoudemire extremely hard over the summer, according to Howard Beck of The New York Times: “This past summer, the Knicks offered Stoudemire to nearly every team in the league — “available for free,” as one rival executive put it. But they found no takers because of his diminished production, his health and his contract, which has three years and $65 million remaining (counting this season) and which is uninsured against a career-ending knee injury. In February, the Knicks wanted to send Stoudemire to Toronto in a deal for Andrea Bargnani, a person briefed on the discussion said. But the proposal was vetoed by James L. Dolan, the Garden chairman, before it ever reached the Raptors (who would not have made the deal anyway, team officials there said).”
  • Steve Nash will definitely suit up for Christmas, with approval from Mike D’Antoni. Mark Medina of Daily News has the story: “There’s probably a low chance tomorrow,” Nash said following practice here at the Lakers’ facility. “But I’m definitely playing on Christmas for sure.”… “It gives us excitement,” D’Antoni said. “We know we’ll have some problems. We always do. But to have a two-time MVP running your thing? Nothing against the other guys, but he’s unbelievable and he knows what he’s been running forever. This is what we’ve brought him for, hopefully he has a chance to do it.”
  • Danny Ainge vented about the inconsistencies of his team, from Dan Guttenplan of Weei: “We’ve got to prevent those runs by other teams and those droughts that we have at the offensive end and giving up so many lay-ins on the defensive end,” Ainge said. “There’s just no excuse for the way we’re playing. Yeah, you need to take time to find out who we are, but there’s no excuse for giving up 32 points in the paint in a half against Chicago, and there’s no excuse for giving up a 17-0 run to Cleveland.”
  • Andrew Bynum has been cleared for increased activity level, from CSN Philly: “DiLeo referred to a “six-step” rehabilitation process for Bynum, who will now begin low-impact activities like riding a bike. “His knees are healing. He is improving,” DiLeo said. “He has been approved to increase his activity level. Still there is no timetable. A lot depends on how Andrew reacts and his body reacts to the increased activity.” Bynum came to the Sixers in a four-way trade over the summer and has yet to play this season.”
  • Jason Kidd blamed Deron Williams’ shooting, not Avery Johnson, for the Nets’ woes. Stefan Bondy of Daily News has details: “I think it’s just a matter of getting comfortable making shots. Also, he has new teammates. He’s got to get used to a new crew. It’s always a growing period. “He’s a grownup. He’ll figure it out. All things don’t go well right away sometimes. He’s just going through a struggle shooting the ball, but he’s one of the best at what he does, so he’ll work through it.”


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