The Bernucca List – Edition 36

When we started publishing The Bernucca List just over a year ago, the plan was to make it a fun way to engage the reader and challenge their basketball intelligence.

We had no idea that it would become this competitive.

After a brief absence, reader Brian Rivel has returned to provide the correct answer to last week’s list, which was “active players represented by agent Rob Pelinka.”

It marked the third time this season Rivel has provided the correct answer. He answered two in a row last month, then was mysteriously absent for a week.

Rivel’s three correct answers vaulted him ahead of reader Brian C., who also has had two correct answers this season. However, he has not been heard from in some time.

Perhaps Brian C. will make his return with this week’s list, which is after the jump.


  1. john steppling says

    RIVERS min fg% 3pt%
    12-13 NOH 24 15 28.2 0.361 0.375 0.618 0.2 2.0 2.2 2.8 0.6 0.2 1.5 2.2 7.9

    ending with pts per game. So in 28 min a game he is averaging 2.8 assists. And 1.5 turnovers. Taylor in about the same min is averaging 39%, 1 ass and.50 turnovers. Or tyler zeller…also about the same minutes per game…a tad fewer….averaging 46%… threes, and five boards… and change turnovers. Now zeller is a center, ok. But 47% compared to 36% is pretty significant when rivers does nothing else. Zeller does a lot else. Play defense for openers. Even jonas valuncianus……23 min. a game…roughly the same….averaging 8 pts….shooting FIFTY TWO percent and five and a half boards. Where is big Val on this list?? I mean you have to defend this sort of absurdity. Im a big fan of sheridan hoops and this column. But man, you are so wrong here.

    • says

      I like Zeller. I just don’t think he’s top 10. He has cracked the rankings before, and I’m watching. Maybe he will get in again. And thanks for the kind words. Happy holidays.

      PS: This also is not the rookie column

  2. Ody P. says

    Still active franchise all time leaders in points:

    Bosh for Toronto Raptors
    Kobe for LA Lakers
    KG for the Wolves
    Pau for the Memphis Grizzlies
    Howard for the Magic
    James for the Cavs
    Dirk for the Mavs
    Wade for the Heat
    Wallace for the Bobcats

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