Tweet of the Day: John Hollinger

Less than five hours remaining in the day, yet it just goes on like any other.

Seems silly to think that the ancient Mayan civilization had predicted the world to end on Friday, four days from Christmas no less. In the midst of the all of the hoopla, basketball rolls on.

John Hollinger, now working for the Memphis Grizzlies as the Vice President of Basketball Operations, had an astute observation today. No longer an employee of ESPN, he is now just like the rest of us.

Just realized I'm going to have start paying for Insider. #irony
John Hollinger

Ironic indeed. Not that he can’t afford it, he is sure to be getting paid plenty.

The irony is that while writing for ESPN, the bulk of his work was available only to ESPN Insider subscribers, which he now has to pay to become.

Not sure that it will make much difference without him working there, especially if he’s looking for top notch statistical analysis, since he was their top guy.

Now, back to our regularly programmed apocalypse.

Why the world ain't end yet?
Quincy Miller


  1. A.J. says

    Sportswriters have always been unofficially employed by the NBA franchises, anyway. At least now he can accept an official paycheck without having to take cash under the table.

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