Sheridan: Four ways to trade DeMarcus Cousins

Trade No. 1:

Cousins and Tyler Honeycutt to Boston for Jared Sullinger, Fab Melo and Avery Bradley.

The Celtics proved last season you can take the Miami Heat to seven games without a true center. But taking them to seven games and beating them in seven games are two different teams, and the East is a stronger conference than it was a year ago. Boston would have to part with the two players it drafted last June in the first round, and a capable young defender in Bradley who has become somewhat superfluous (when he is read to come back) because of the arrivals of Jason Terry and Courtney Lee.

Trade No. 2 

Cousins and Honeycutt to the San Antonio Spurs for Kawhi Leonard, DeJuan Blair and Nando DeColo.

Yes, the Spurs love Leonard and gave up a good player (George Hill) to acquire him (along with the draft rights to Erazem Lorbek). But this would still basically be a collection of spare parts, perhaps with a No. 1 pick thrown in, that would give them the one component they were so conspicuously missing in last year’s Western Conference finals against Oklahoma City. If San Antonio wants a true center, be it Cousins or Utah’s Al Jefferson (who everyone expects to be moved, but who makes a ton more money), they are going to have to pony up some assets and hope Gregg Popovich and the Spurs’ culture can have an impact on whoever they acquire.

Trade No. 3

Cousins to the Portland Trail Blazers for Meyers Leonard, Luke Babbitt, Victor Claver and several future second-round picks (Blazers are owed four of ’em). This is not as good of a deal as the other two, but Meyers has more long-term upside at center than Melo or Blair, and Claver actually has more potential than Babbitt, a bust.

Trade No. 4

Cousins to the Toronto Raptors for Jonas Valanciunas.

It is no secret that the Raptors are one of the teams most eager to trade, and this would be a no-brainer from a talent standpoint. Big V is still two years away from being a three-year project.




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  2. John Paul Laker Fan says

    Yo is that the real Bryant T. Jordan as in the guy who wrote that dope article on Bleacher Report about Kobe and the Knicks … that was some sweet writing my man! Where you been? I haven’t seen your name on any articles anywhere lately but these two little nuggets in the comment section are sweet! I’d love PJ to the Nets and agree Deron should be traded and your Cousins trade opps are waaaaaaaay better than others I’ve seen … dude, Sheridan should hire you homeboy!

  3. john steppling says

    guys, none of those are remotely possible. Teams have to WANT to trade. Big 3 team trades are rare. Cousins might go to boston, that wouldnt surprise me. But as an example, why in the world, WHY would indiana trade the point guard they plan to keep for a while…..?? Why in the world would they suddenly do that when they have no good back up? Its insane. Unrealistic, fantasy. Nobody wants humphries either…at 15 million a year. You have to think aabout these things. Boston has cap issues. To take on Cousins would mean they would have to move someone….or a couple….lee and bradley and even then its not done. Bass probably. So do they want to do that for Cousins? not likely, but not impossible. Dallas might………..but its not a big need for them right now………..and they are looking to next year. The rest of these ideas are just pure nonsense. FANTASY.

  4. Jay Cotrone says

    First of all Petrie’s gotta go!! Every move he has made in the last several years has been a disaster. 2nd, Cousins talent is WAY OVERRATED! After 2 years in the league and he still has no post game????? He just throws up wild shots in the post. Everyone knows his attitude is poison to any team. The guy needs mental help. 3rd, the Kings, I have been a Kings fan for many years now and I just cant do it any more. They are an embarrassment to Sacramento (the Greatest Fans in the NBA!). What a MESS! The Maloofs want to move the team, I say we help them do that!

  5. Bryant T. Jordan says

    Honestly I don’t feel any of those Demarcus Cousins trades are realistic.

    Some far more realistic ones are as follows:

    Pau Gasol, Darius Morris, Robert Sacre and Darius Johnson-Odom for Cousins, Aaron Brooks, Francisco Garcia and John Salmons

    Corey Maggette and an unprotected 2013′ #1 and #2 multiple future 1st or second rounders for Cousins and John Salmons

    Marcus Morris, Carlos Delfino, Cole Aldrich and an unprotected #1 and future picks for Cousins and Salmons

    John Henson, Luc Mbah a Moute and future picks for Cousins and James Johnson

    Kevin Love, JJ Barea, Malcolm Lee and Will Conroy for Cousins, Tyreke, Garcia and Brooks

    Moe Harkless, unprotected #1, JJ Reddick and Josh McRoberts for Cousins and Garcia

    Marcin Gortat, Marcus Morris and an unprotected #1 for Cousins and Salmons

    Trevor Ariza, Chris Singleton, Kevin Seraphin and an unprotected #1 for Cousins and Salmons

  6. Bryant T. Jordan says

    Here is a good read:


    If P.J. is coming aboard I believe it will be to run the team, not just coach it, meaning that Prokhorov will need to fire Billy King and name Phil the Coach/GM. I also believe that Phil will ONLY come on board once Deron Williams is traded as D-Will is NOT Phil’s type of point guard, is a bad fit for the triangle offense and still has a relatively high market value.

    Personally I could see the Nets doing one of the following trades:

    1 – Deron and Humphries for Danny Granger, David West and George Hill

    2- Deron, Childress and Bogans for OJ Mayo, Shawn Marion and Chris Kaman

    3- Deron, Childress, Bogans and Shengalia for Cousins, Brooks, Salmons and Garcia

    Perhaps even a three way blockbuster trade with … the Lakers … such as:

    Nets Trade: Deron Williams, Kris Humphries, Marshon Brooks and Keith Bogans

    Nets Receive: Pau Gasol, George Hill, DJ Augustin and Darius Johnson-Odom

    Lakers Trade: Pau Gasol, Steve Blake, and Darius Johnson-Odom

    Lakers Receive: David West, Danny Granger and Keith Bogans

    Pacers Trade: Danny Granger, David West, George Hill and DJ Augustin

    Pacers Receive: Deron Williams, Marshon Brooks, Kris Humphries and Steve Blake

  7. ME says

    I wish the Miami Heat could acquire DC.
    Here is some of my idea’s:
    Joel Anthony Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller for DC and Salmons

    • Klaus says

      Better Jarvis Varnardo and protected second rounder for Cousins, Evans and all first round picks from now to the eternity. If you want to do lopsided deals do it with some funk

  8. john steppling says

    I actually thought of almost that exact boston trade. I had melo, bradely and a number one for cousins and…whoever….jimmer maybe. Its a culture where cousins would have to behave. Like blatche going to brooklyn and McGhee to denver. Getting bradely is nice, and melo has some upside. Personally i dont think much of sullinger, who gets hyped way out of proportion. The other trades wont happen because those teams dont want cousins. I can see dallas taking him though……….for a number one and jae crowder say.

  9. arthur says

    These trades are stupid because the kings would never trade him in any of these secenarios because they wouldn’t be getiing enough back. A realistic trade would be with the cavs. 2 first round picks, varejao for cousins and salmons

    • says

      The trade you propose is the most unrealistic of all. How you gonna give up two 1st rounders (lottery picks given the Cavs suckage) and your best big to get back a guy that has proven so far he’s a lockerroom cancer and post-2009 John Salmons?

    • Arky says

      The Cavs would laugh in Sacramento’s face.. 2 1st round picks and taking on Salmons’ awful contract in order to swap Varejao for Cousins? Crazy.

  10. steve says

    Cousins to the bobcats for Kemba Walker – Both teams under the cap and there isn’t that big of a difference. Bobcats need a legit big man and Kings get their PG which allows the team to really shop Evans.

  11. Astarot says

    With Trade No. 1 come on. I’m not Danny Ainge but I can tell you now it’d never go that way with Sullinger (the way he’s been playin with his rebounding) and Bradley (without seeing him on the floor this season yet) in it, for C with that kind of problems and attitude who’s is a one big ‘?’ right now. What’s more to the Celtics (with guys like KG and The Truth in the locker room) and Rivers as a coach. Ainge wold be crazy to do it (even with their situation on 5 slot).

    • Michael H says

      The Kings would be even crazier to make that trade. They’d give up their best player and in turn get three guys who won’t even start. Horrible move for Sacramento. The 2nd and 4th trades seem much better.

  12. Shane says

    come on now. these trades are dumb. even if they did want to move him fast they could get a better deal then these. Every single one of these trades are basically giving cousins(the kings future) for spare tires. Come on i know you are pretty smart and could have came up with better trades for the kings then these.

    • Rhyso says

      Problem is that his stock is low atm due to his suspension. Don’t get me wrong he is a great talent and could be the best Center in the league, but how many rebuilding teams or contenders want a locker room cancer and headcase? It’s high risk, high reward so i would say his baggage brings his value down.


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