Tweet of the Day: Rajon Rondo

Hear, hear! Let’s celebrate all of those out there who are spreading good holiday cheer…among which includes Rondo Klaus.

That’s right kids, Rondo Klaus is coming to town.

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo did exactly that Saturday. Taking time out of his schedule to visit with kids at the Boys & Girls.

Was up early this AM surprising the kids and handing out gifts at Blue Hill boys and girls club. #MerryChristmas
Rajon Rondo

Rondo Klaus hands out new bicycles to children.

Rondo and the Celtics were still in Wisconsin, having lost their Friday night game against the Milwaukee Bucks in what turned out to be an overtime thriller.

Rondo, or Mr. Klaus if you’re on the “Nice” list, took time to hang out with the children at the Boys & Girls Club after giving out two-wheeled Christmas gifts.

Rajon Rondo taking time to play Connect Four with kids at the Boys & Girls Club.

It’s great to see that Rondo doesn’t hold grudges against kids after a loss.

One point of confusion is the location of the Boys & Girls Club. Various news reports, including Michael Katz of USA Today Sports, are stating that Rondo played the part of Santa in Boston.

However, Shelby Palmer of the Boys & Girls Club in La Crosse, Wisconsin was giving her thanks to Rondo for his generosity on Twitter.

@ on behalf of the Boys and Girls Club in LaCrosse, WI we thank you for doing what you did today!! #amazing #merrychristmas
Shelby Palmer

Perhaps, Rondo is Santa and has mastered the ability to travel to different cities at light speed.

Rondo tweeted a quote from one of the girls to whom he has given a gift.

“@: I seer @ today at the boys and girls club.he gave us all a gift.” Merry Christmas
Rajon Rondo

Her response was a simple correction of his spelling/grammar.

It appears that even Santa—in all of his generosity—has his flaws.

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    Seriously? The woman from Lacrosse just tweeted that to show her appreciation. You couldn’t have taken the time to research whether or not the Celtics played home or away last night? They were in Boston.

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