DraftStreet Diary: $11 Leagues Aren’t So Tough

During this holiday season, fantasy hoops isn’t the main priority, believe it or not. At about 6:30 on a very busy Saturday, there was time to try one Snake draft. Comfortable at the $2 and $5 level in 3-man and 6-man leagues, I joined a 2-man for $11. If you’re better prepared than your opponent, it’s an easy $9 profit. Using the same logic, I entered a 2-man Salary Cap and a 20-man Double-Up for $11 each.

To my surprise, I cashed in all three, for a total of $60, and picked up another $5 for finishing 45tth of 550 with one of my $2 entries in the $1,000 GPP. Now up $37 for the week (each Monday I start with $100) I’ve entered just a handful of contests today and won’t be watching any basketball.

It just makes sense to spend more in Head-to-Head formats. Losing streaks will be shorter, wins more frequent. Despite some success in the 2-man games, I still think 3-man leagues might be even better investments. If you’re an above-average player, it seems like extra money: profit at the $5 level is $8.50 for beating two teams, compared to $4 for beating one.

DraftStreet 15Dec. 23
StarsOver $13,000
Carmelo Anthony$18,176
Tim Duncan$18,084
J. J. Hickson$16,020
Andrei Kirilenko$14,036
Blake Griffin$16,022
ScrubsUnder $9,000
Jimmer Fredette$6,780
Marcus Thornton$7,730
Dominique Jones$5,333
Isaiah Thomas$7,349
Derrick Williams$8,300
Starters$9,000 to $13,000
Jason Thompson$12,777
J.J. Redick$10,343
Jameer Nelson$11,563
Gustavo Ayon$10,825
Jamal Crawford$9,313

There are only six NBA games today. Some contests close at 3:00, others at 6:00, limited to just four games. The chart today assumes you’re in a 3:00 league. Here’s one of my lineups; good luck with all of yours.

F1 Andrei Kirilenko (MIN-F) $14,036
F2 Jason Thompson (SAC-F) $12,777
G1 Tony Parker (SA-G) $15,333
G2 Alexey Shved (MIN-G) $9,833
C1 J.J. Hickson (POR-C) $16,020
C2 Brook Lopez (BKN-C) $13,639
U1 J.J. Redick (ORL-G) $10,343
U2 Marcus Thornton (SAC-G) $7,730

If you still haven’t joined DraftStreet, it’s free to open an account, no deposit is required and you can enter free leagues to learn the Salary Cap, Snake and Pick’Em formats. Click here to get started.

Today’s Fantasy Spin previews all of tonight’s games and breaks down Friday’s results.

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