SH Blog: More Cousins news and trade rumors

When was the last time we had something like this DeMarcus Cousins situation?

A young player who a bad team considered central to their rebuilding effort, who hasn’t disappointed on the court, suddenly winding up on the trade block for reasons other than money? No seriously, I don’t remember any off the top of my head. Let me know which ones I’m forgetting in the comments section.

Anyway, if you missed my roundup of where we were on the Cousins saga yesterday, those very words will take you right to it. Also on SH, Chris Sheridan’s new MVP rankings are up, so check them out for sure.

Now here’s all the Cousins news you’ve been craving, plus, as always, the latest from everywhere in the NBA.

  • First up in the Cousins news extravaganza: Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today. Their rundown is excellent, especially if you don’t normally pay a whole lot of attention to the Kings. Here’s a pretty pertinent excerpt: “The odds of the latest incident inspiring the Kings to trade Cousins are likely slim, as he is considered the centerpiece of their prolonged rebuilding effort. But a person with knowledge of the Kings’ plans said “he’s not untouchable,” in large part because the 8-18 team is struggling so mightily and all options appear to be under consideration. Two people with knowledge of Cousins’ situation also said that he recently parted ways with the only agent he has had since he was drafted fifth overall out of Kentucky in 2010, John Greig. Cousins is expected to work with agent Dan Fegan now, a move that could spell trouble for the Kings going forward. Fegan is one of the most powerful agents in the NBA, and his most recent high-profile situation is the very sort of scenario the Kings – and every other team, for that matter – would like to avoid. Fegan was instrumental in Dwight Howard’s exodus from Orlando to the Lakers last summer, having presented the Magic with a list of teams (Brooklyn, Dallas, and the Lakers) to which Howard was willing to re-sign if traded. Fegan’s last extensive dealings with the Kings were in 2009, and they were far from positive for either side.”
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  1. Bob says

    Bulls should trade deng for cousins. Dent will be FA after next year. He does not create enough offense. Cous would be perfect at the 5 with Noah at the 4. Noah’s shooting is getting better so he can play out of the paint more. Cousins would bring more offense to Chicago. Add Mirotic after next year to play the 3 and you have a nice lineup. Personally, I think rose should play SG more bc it’s easier to find another PG.

  2. A.J. says

    Of course they’re going to “leak”a trade is unlikely. Why in the hell would they intentionally devalue a trade asset any more than their asset already did to itself? Every bottom-feeding idiot in the NBA would be showing up at their doorstep if they announced Cousins could be had for a song. “Uh, hi, Petrie, we don’t know what we’re doing, but I’ll give you the great Tristan Thompson for Cousins and an unprotected first-round pick.”


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