SH Blog: More Cousins news and trade rumors

  • Here’s James Ham and Jonathan Santiago of Cowbell Kingdom on Cousins’ suspension: “The decision to sit Cousins was mutually agreed to by both head coach Keith Smart and President of Basketball Operations Geoff Petrie.  Smart said the team would revisit the possibility of bringing back the 22-year-old “after a couple of days or so.” … ‘Like I said, all along I’m trying to create an environment here,’ Smart told reporters after Saturday’s practice.  ‘And we all gotta move forward to making sure that we do everything we can to keep that environment in the right direction.  And when any player goes beyond that, then there’s going to be consequences to that.  And I thought last night, it moved in that direction.’ ”
  • Since DeMarcus Cousins trade speculation is sure to be Twitter's new favorite sport, one team I'm sure will put in a call: Pat Riley's Heat
    Marc Stein
  • Finally, here’s Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee with some speculation about where Cousins could land should the Kings end up moving him: “Teams that have been interested in Cousins in the past include Houston and Detroit. But would Houston want to break up what they’ve built for Cousins now? It would be assumed any deal with Detroit would involve Greg Monroe, but at this rate you might argue Monroe is the better player and doesn’t bring the drama. Fegan also has a good relationship with former Kings assistant general manager Jason Levien, who is now a part of the Memphis Grizzlies. So expect some talk of Cousins landing there to come up, too.”
  • Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld has a list of players who are likely to be traded. The first few are the usual suspects: Pau, Varejao, Calderon, but after that it gets a bit more interesting, starting with this note: “Rather than just trading Calderon’s expiring contract, league sources say that the Raptors would like to package the veteran point guard with Andrea Bargnani to complete a splashy blockbuster deal. Toronto failed to land a big-name small forward last summer and they would likely target a similar player if they shop a package of Bargnani and Calderon as expected. As the trade deadline gets closer, don’t be surprised if there are plenty of rumors surfacing involving Bargnani and Calderon.”
  • Doc Rivers seems to shoot down Fab Melo as potential big man addition: “I haven’t talked to anyone that thinks he’s ready to come up yet.”
    Chris Forsberg
  • Mac Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram says what some people have probably been thinking regarding Derek Fisher asking for (and being given) his release from the Mavs: “Fisher has long been known to be very tight with his family, but it’s funny how he finds himself longing for his LA home now that he is on a team that appears to be going nowhere. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence. When he signed to play with the Oklahoma City Thunder last season for a stretch-drive to the playoffs being homesick never seemed to be an issue. He never complained about missing home as the Thunder went all the way to the NBA Finals.”
  • Adelman said they'll keep Rubio's minutes the same -- about 18 -- today and then talk before Wednesday's game about increasing it
    Jerry Zgoda
  • Marc Berman of the New York Post, via Sulia: “(Marcus) Camby said he’s back for Christmas, adding Chandler needs some time to rest. That’s what Camby signed to do. ‘I’m ready to compete,’ Camby said this morning. ‘We have to find time to get Tyson some rest. He’s been playing exceptional basketball. We need to find time to get him minutes.” Camby confirmed he took a cortisone shot this week and most of the pain is gone. With Rasheed Wallace’s sore foot still “day to day”, Camby finally can make an impact after Woodson held him out of may games in November. ‘I’ve been available,’ Camby said. ‘I just had to get my number called.’ “


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  7. Bob says

    Bulls should trade deng for cousins. Dent will be FA after next year. He does not create enough offense. Cous would be perfect at the 5 with Noah at the 4. Noah’s shooting is getting better so he can play out of the paint more. Cousins would bring more offense to Chicago. Add Mirotic after next year to play the 3 and you have a nice lineup. Personally, I think rose should play SG more bc it’s easier to find another PG.

  8. A.J. says

    Of course they’re going to “leak”a trade is unlikely. Why in the hell would they intentionally devalue a trade asset any more than their asset already did to itself? Every bottom-feeding idiot in the NBA would be showing up at their doorstep if they announced Cousins could be had for a song. “Uh, hi, Petrie, we don’t know what we’re doing, but I’ll give you the great Tristan Thompson for Cousins and an unprotected first-round pick.”


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