Tweet of the Day: Mark Cuban

Yes, there was the surprise sighting that the owner of the Dallas Mavericks tweeted about. No, it was not much of a site to behold.

The Mavericks got clobbered in Dirk Nowitzki’s surprise return, which was played up on ESPN like it was the second coming of … oh, never mind. Not going to go there on a religious holiday.

Nowitzki was a minus-23 in his 20 minutes of burn, on the court for most of a third quarter in which San Antonio outscored Dallas 36-14 to turn this matchup into a blowout. Nowitzki finished with 8 points and 6 defensive rebounds in 20 minutes and was a minus-23 in the Mavs’ 129-91 loss.

Check ESPN later for a positive report on Dirk, and check out Mark Cuban’s previous tweet (his 4,999th) for something that could have a far more positive effect than Nowitzki’s return did.





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