Most Improved Player Rankings: Week Eight

176ers SixersJRUE HOLIDAY, G, PHILADELPHIA: “The Jruth” is back in the top spot after scorching the Nets for 24 and 9 on Sunday. The Sixers proved his value by falling on their faces while he was out, going 0-4. Props to Doug Collins, who knows how to get the most from his players and is doing just that with Holiday.3
2WarriorsSTEPHEN CURRY, G, GOLDEN STATE: Steph had a fantastic week, lighting up the Kings for 32, going for 27 on the Bobcats and putting up 20, 8, and 7 in an OT loss to the Lakers. But Curry may not crack the All-Star team, mainly because fans are going to vote in Jeremy Lin instead. Seriously. Come on, guys.4
3ANDERSON VAREJAO, C, CLEVELAND: His beastly season has been temporarily derailed by a knee contusion, so he drops two spots here. If you’re big on PER, Varejao ranks tops among this list at 22.3. Then again, Jimmer Fredette has a 21.6 PER, so I’m not sure exactly how Hollinger got that Grizzlies job.1
4RocketsOMER ASIK, C, HOUSTON: It’s too bad Asik doesn’t play for the Clippers, because then L.A. play-by-play announcer Ralph Lawler could scream, “O-MER OH-MY!!” Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we should mention that Asik has pulled down double-digit rebounds in six of his last seven games.5
5BucksLARRY SANDERS, F-C, MILWAUKEE: Can’t nobody take his pride. Can’t nobody hold him down. Oh no. He’s got to keep on moving. Sanders is back in the rankings after his ridiculous 17-point, 20-rebound performance in Boston. He looked like Kevin McHale out there.

DROPOUTS: Serge Ibaka, F, Oklahoma City (2).

FIVE TO WATCH: Serge Ibaka, F, Oklahoma City; George Hill, G, Indiana; Chandler Parsons, F, Houston; Kemba Walker, G, Charlotte; O.J. Mayo, G, Dallas

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  1. Case says

    You mentioned Teague in the opening, I thought for sure he’d be here. My Hawks are balling, and we pretty much go as Teague goes, and that’s in spite of a whole lot of foolishness from Josh most nights. 27 on the road against Kyrie tonight. How about it?

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