Rosen: How the Knicks and Clippers can reach NBA Finals

Turiaf has trouble scoring in traffic. Unless he’s shooting a high percentage, Crawford’s sticky fingers and terrible passing (especially when airborne) can keep both teams in the game. Moreover, Crawford tends to turn his head when playing off the ball on defense.

Quick-hitting offenses are usually problematic in the playoffs, if only because the preparation time and in-depth scouting reports tend to slow the games down. When that happens, CP3 will have to shoulder more of a scoring burden, which might upset the team’s delicate chemistry.

Also, the lack of a dominant interior offense and defense makes the Clippers susceptible to being overpowered in the paint.

Under every and all circumstances, the championship hopes of the Clippers rests in the quick-as-a-wish and utterly capable hands of Paul, the NBA’s premier point guard.

Because of his genius, any bets laid against LA should only be pin money.


Charley Rosen is an American author, columnist and former basketball coach. From 1983–1986, he was an assistant to Phil Jackson with the Albany Patroons of the Continental Basketball Association. He also served as head coach of the Patroons, as well as the CBA’s Rockford Lightning, Oklahoma City Cavalry and Savannah Spirits. A native of The Bronx, N.Y., the 71-year-old Rosen is the author of 16 books about basketball. He is known for his in-depth analysis and caustic views. 


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    Easily the most astute analysis of the top two new and untested contenders of this season. I couldn’t agree more with the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully there won’t be any injuries until the money season.

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