Tweet of the Night: Isaiah Thomas

Jamal Crawford never fails to do something spectacular when the Los Angeles Clippers are on national television, and it was no different on Christmas day, when he decided to pull out the good old “shake and bake” move against an unsuspecting Andre Miller:

Even more fun about this clip is that we have the added bonus of listening to what long-time Clippers season-ticket holder and actor Billy Crystal thought about the move. At one point, the comedian simply said the word “woop” about seven times to describe every amazing dribble move Crawford displayed on one particular play, drawing plenty of laughs from commentators Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy.

Oh, and the signature move by Crawford that dazzled? It was a premeditated move, as you can see below:

Hmmm, shake and bake 2morrow? (Thinking out loud)
Jamal Crawford

Isaiah Thomas, by the way, wasn’t the only player to react to Crawford’s work against the Denver Nuggets:

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