DraftStreet Diary: Freeroll Fun on Friday — $300 in Cash Prizes

It’s time for another Freeroll tomorrow. Pick the 8-man team you think will perform best in Friday’s games and you could win $100 cash. It’s that easy, and absolutely free. 15 people will share another $200 in consolation prizes. Sign up with DraftStreet (no deposit or credit card needed) and you’re in.

There are only three positions: Guard, Forward and Center. Pick two of each (plus two Utility players) within the $100,000 salary cap. The scoring system has five “positive” categories and three “negative” — PTS = 1 pt; REB = 1.25 pts; AST = 1.5 pts; STL = 2 pts; BLK = 2 pts; you are penalized for turnovers (-1 pt) and it’s -0.5 pts for each missed FT or FG.

On Wednesday, I whiffed on the Minnesota game. Kevin Love was off-target and Nikola Pekovic wasn’t feeling well, so I got skunked in the GPP, but did win a 2-man Snake because my opponent picked Carmelo Anthony and Joakim Noah. The $100 weekly bankroll is down to $85, and I’ll be entering a few $2 and $5 contests tonight. That’s right, even when there are only two NBA games, DraftStreet runs daily leagues. The small player pool makes for an interesting challenge.

DraftStreet 15Dec. 27
StarsOver $13,000
Kevin Durant$21,966
Chris Paul$18,392
Russell Westbrook$19,120
Blake Griffin$16,902
Paul Pierce$17,327
ScrubsUnder $9,000
Chris Kaman$7,963
Darren Collison$8,883
Kevin Martin$8,835
Dominique Jones$5,196
Jeff Green$8,889
Starters$9,000 to $13,000
Kevin Garnett$12,610
O.J. Mayo$11,127
Dirk Nowitzki$11,233
Shawn Marion$12,514
Matt Barnes$12,064

Today’s chart is for Thursday night contests, not the Friday Freeroll. There are more options at the top and bottom of the salary scale than in the middle. Leagues close at 8:00 EST, and you can make unlimited changes until then. This is one lineup I’m considering:

F1 Kevin Durant (OKC-F) $21,966
F2 Jeff Green (BOS-F) $8,889
G1 Russell Westbrook (OKC-G) $19,120
G2 O.J. Mayo (DAL-G) $11,127
C1 Kevin Garnett (BOS-C) $12,610
C2 Chris Kaman (DAL-C) $7,963
U1 Darren Collison (DAL-G) $8,883
U2 Kevin Martin (OKC-G) $8,835

Building around Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook certainly isn’t the only way to go; you can use Chris Paul and Blake Griffin instead of the Thunder dynamic duo, then have about $5,000 more to spend at the other six positions.

To join DraftStreet leagues for tonight click here to get started. To enter the Friday Freeroll, here’s the signup link. Who doesn’t like free money?

Today’s Fantasy Spin recaps all the 12 Wednesday games that were played (one was cancelled) and previews tonight’s doubleheader.

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