Rosen: Phil Jackson: Will he or won’t he coach Nets?

Don’t rule out the possibility of Phil Jackson coaching the Brooklyn Nets.

Todd Musburger, Jackson’ agent, sent a text message to David Aldridge of Turner Sports and saying Jackson “has no interest in the Nets job at this time.”

At. This. Time.

Yes, those are the three words that we should focus on in Musberger’s statement, because they are merely a time-sensitive disclaimer.

When talking about Jackson, you have to understand this above all else: Jackson never makes snap decisions in life-changing situations. Indeed, this characteristic is essentially why he didn’t initially jump at the Lakers job after Mike Brown was fired.

There are several reasons why Jackson could enjoy coaching the Nets and — sooner rather than later — mold them into legitimate championship contenders, the most critical being that the current roster is almost a perfect fit for the triangle.


  1. Paul says

    What is all this about Phil not wanting to lve in a cold weather climate? Dude lives in Montana!! I’ve lived in Montana and NYC. NYC does not even have a winter when compared to Montana.

  2. Jeffrey says

    Mr. Rosen, could you please elaborate on why the Brooklyn players fit into the triangle offense? Forgive me, I’m not entirely knowledgeable on the subject, haven’t really understood it’s true principles.

  3. Dan says

    Yeah, the triangle would work perfect…. Smh.

    Presuably, Williams is going to push the tempo to hoist quick threes, or run PnR with Lopez. If that’s the case, I wouldn’t count on Williams’ and his banged up ankle. Plus, teams are going to collapse on Lopez defensively, which means the only remaining option is Johnson, who can’t catch an shoot to save his life.

    And Blatche? Was that a joke of some sort?

    Seriously, it’s time the media start talking about the Nets like they should have been all along: at best, they’re a constant 9-10 seed, and at worst, a lottery team. They’re Milwaukee with a better locale.

    • john steppling says

      actually, had you been watching games this year, you’d have noticed just how good Blatche is playing. So yeah, rosen is exactly right. In fact i agree with all of this except for the notion that its a good trianble team. I mean, to a degree perhaps………….but you have to have a couple guys to shoot. JJ can…..but deron for the second year in a row has been awful.Lopez is playing ok…..slow on dfense, but not the worst. Its just that Hump is a dead loss on defense and wallace isnt what he once was. Why avery never tried marshon brooks is beyond me….or more of teletovic and shengelia. Give the guys a chance….not just three minutes.

      • Dan says

        Well, then you agree with my original point, which is the triangle would be a nightmare for Brooklyn.

        You need a PF that can hit from 15 ft on a regular basis – a Pau Gasol type of PF. Look, I’m not going to take Blatche’s renaissance away from him; so far, the kid seems to have turned his career around. But one thing you’ll never hear anybody say is, “Man, Blatche is really killing it in the triangle!” Also, Joe Johnson would be a terrible fit for the triangle because he’s not going to get isolation opportunities, and that’s the only way he can score.

        But it’s not just about one player, you need an entire team that has an extremely high basketball IQ to execute the triangle. And this Nets team does not have the acumen in the slightest to pull it off.

        • john steppling says

          yeah dan, i agree with all that. The hoop IQ seems below average, to be kind. Its not a smartly assembled roster. (lakers arent either at this point). Joe Johnson is the oddest piece in this and your observation is spot on I think. JJ is a good player and has a size advantage in certain pick and rolls…but again, this comes back to D Will………ive noticed defenses just backing off and letting him shoot from distance because he cant hit anything right now. I do think Blatche has been something or a revelation, given his reputation coming in. I dont know the solution, but i dont think its the triangle.

          • Dan says

            Riiiiight…. I’m an idiot because I’m comparing today’s players in a particular system vs. you who’s looking to players from 20 years ago.

            The game has evolved, chief, and so have the players.

            And last I checked, the Nets don’t suit up Michael Jordan every night.

            But I’m obviously an idiot….. Smh.


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