SH Blog: Current and former NBA players around the league react to Avery Johnson firing

Will Phil Jackson go to Brooklyn??????
Mo Williams
Wow!!! Avery a good coach he"ll bounce back quick
Derrick Favors
Avery Johnson out in Brookyln y'alls thoughts?
Channing Frye

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  1. john steppling says:

    2 things. Avery was doing a lousy job. And two: Deron is a coach killer and a LOT of this falls on him. He got the legendary jerry sloan to retire….and now ran his mouth to get avery run out of town. The overriding reality of this scenario is that D Will has been not just sub par, but AWFUL. Under 30% on his threes, and a terrible floor leader, plus bad defense. Anyone else would have been benched. If phil wants to get even with Buss he might take this, but my money is on jeff van gundy or larry brown……or a sleeper such as dave blatt. But this cant be laid on the russian…………fact is, avery was always a mediocre coach.

  2. Bruce Wrigley says:

    Hmm… slightly eccentric Russian billionaire buys sports team in big important city and acts capricious. Echoes of Chelsea and Roman Abramovich.

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