Sheridan: Phil Jackson to Nets is far from dead

It took only a couple of hours for the mainstream media to dismiss the possibility of Phil Jackson coaching the Brooklyn Nets.

We here were of the exact opposite opinion early Friday evening — and the MSM came along for the ride by the end of the night.

As Charley Rosen notes in his latest column for, Jackson is never one to make snap decisions. He wanted to come back to the Lakers, which means he wants to come back.

Jackson doesn’t need money, but he likes money. Who doesn’t?

Mikhail Prokhorov can pay him in gold nuggets or diamonds from one of his mines.

Heck, he can give Phil a mine of his own.

So a word of caution to those who think Phil won’t take the job … wait and see what Phil does after he has had some time to contemplate it. Personally, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him.

In the meantime, who knows? Maybe P.J. Carlesimo becomes a latter-day Lawrence Frank or Jeff Van Gundy?

I discuss all the possibilities with CineSport’s Brian Clark in the video below.

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