Hamilton: Even Without Felton, Knicks Will Continue Winning Ways

And with Woodson inspiring both Anthony and Smith into playing some of the best basketball of their respective careers and an All-Star worthy season from Tyson Chandler, these Knicks will find a way.

They will find a way to win, just like they collectively did in San Antonio back on Nov. 15 when they erased a 12-point deficit and ended up stealing an improbable victory in the house that Tim Duncan built. It was only the third time since Duncan entered the league in 1997 that the Knicks beat the Spurs in San Antonio.

Exactly three weeks later, the Knicks rolled down to South Beach and beat up on LeBron James and the defending champion Miami Heat. They did so on the second night of a back-to-back and – most impressively – without Anthony.

On Dec. 9 against the Denver Nuggets and on Dec. 23 against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Knicks were able to grind out victories in games where they were sorely outplayed.

Quite simply, there is no quit in these Knicks, and that’s something that we will continue to see, no matter who is available.

Felton has become somewhat inconsistent. Overall, he has been a solid point guard for Woodson’s club and certainly played a major role in the team’s winning ways to this point. But the Knicks haven’t won solely because of him and they are capable of winning without him.

The next six weeks will be tough without Felton. The success of the Knicks will depend on Kidd’s ability to remain healthy, Pablo Prigioni’s ability to finish plays when opposing defenses opt to go under screens and stick to rollers, and Smith’s newfound ability to resist forcing shots when easier scoring opportunities for his teammates avail.

Since the Knicks already have 15 players under contract, they would have to cut someone to sign another point guard to help with the burden. If Felton were to miss the remainder of the season, such a move would make sense, but that’s not the case. Aside from that, the only reasonable cut candidates – Chris Copeland, James White and Rasheed Wallace – each bring an element to Woodson’s rotation that would be hard-pressed to sacrifice for the benefit of four weeks.

This race ain’t for the swift, and the Knicks will endure.


  1. Luke V says

    Mark my words, Knicks won’t keep this up. Age will catch then and they’ll drop in the rankings fast. So fast Miami probably won’t even have to face them.

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