Poll: Who will be next coach of Brooklyn Nets?

I am publishing a poll.

I have already cast the first vote.

Based upon what I am hearing from my sources, I think Phil Jackson is going to be the next coach of the Brooklyn Nets — provided Mikhail Prokhorov ponies up money-wise. If you want to believe in the Kelvin Sampson shenanigans, go ahead.

Sampson is a choice …. but not mine. 

We have published two articles on the possibility of Jackson possibly going to Brooklyn, one by Charley Rosen, and one by myself. I encourage you to click both before voting, if you want to be a more knowledgeable voter.

I will update the poll Sunday morning after the write-in candidates are sorted. Thanks for voting.


  1. IronMike888 says

    No way Jackson agrees to call Billy King “Boss”. King would have to go before Jackson would accept a coaching post… Why would Nate McMillan take the post under Billy King either? It’ll be a 3rd-tier coach like Sampson who will be lucky to keep his job to the end of next season.

  2. Ody P. says

    Is there any chance of Zeljmir Obradovic being offered the job by Prokhorov? I’ll really laugh if Messina takes the job though, he is head coach of Prokhorov’s other team, Cska Moskow. Blatt is also coaching Maccabi Tel Aviv.

    • Jerry25 says

      Proky has said before that it is important to know the NBA and the players to be a good coach in the NBA. He had lunch with PJ today. I get the impression he was told, just keep winning and the job may be yours. PJ said just before Cleveland game, something to that effect.

  3. Jerry25 says

    I correctly predicted (with help from Bucher) that D’Antoni, not Jax, would be selected by Lakers. However, in that case that LAL players already knew the Triangle. No chance he comes to Nets in middle of season. NONE at all. Prokhorov isn’t stupid. Just because he likes Phil, he knows to consult with Billy King and others. DWill is not going to recommend Phil, if P.J. works out.

    However, there is a chance that if DWill is OK Sloan, that he can talk Jerry into coming.
    In that case, I would hope PJ stayed on as top assistant. Proky Would pay Sloan 10 million per year if he asked.

    All the other options for the rest of this season are worse that PJ.
    Proky was watching the team and PJ very closely last night and had lunch this afternoon.
    They will get along fine.

  4. Jerry25 says

    You are biasing the voting and also the question isn’t clear.
    By saying “next coach”, you are saying “after PJ”.
    The real question is who will be the coach of the Nets for the rest of this season.

    There is almost ZERO chance they will start a Triangle offense in the middle of the season. Maybe he would come in the off season, but your question isn’t clear.
    I do think that Proky and Phil get together, over dinner, just because they respect each other.

    It is also WAY more probable that PJ remains as coach for the rest of this season, as long as Nets players continue winning and like PJ. Already MarShon Brooks admits he was in the doghouse with Avery, and likes having a new start.

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