DraftStreet Diary: A Freeroll Failure & A Costly Mistake

Thanks to all 427 people who entered the Sheridan Hoops Freeroll last night. “Gph106” was on fire, amassing 313 points to win $100 cash. “TheCustodian” earned $60 for second and “rhcpfleadom” gets $30 for finishing third.

My team was never in the hunt and came in 197th, on a night I’d like to forget. A very costly error (joining a 3-man Snake draft for $55 instead of $5) wiped out my profit for the week. The painful lesson learned is, be careful in the Draft Lobby. If it refreshes just before you click, your mouse could be hovering over the ‘wrong’ contest. You can change the Lobby settings to filter out high-priced leagues, but I didn’t. Also, you can usually leave a league you entered by accident, but only until it’s full.

I did cash in three other leagues, to salvage a complete disaster, and my blunder would have paid off with $150 if Kobe Bryant had scored a few more points. No such luck. With only $85 left from the $100 weekly bankroll, there are two more days to get back in the black.

DraftStreet 15Dec. 29
StarsOver $13,000
LeBron James$23,363
Kevin Durant$22,393
David Lee$18,382
Russell Westbrook$19,252
Al Horford$14,890
ScrubsUnder $9,000
Sebastian Telfair$8,832
Kevin Seraphin$6,492
Mike Dunleavy$8,968
Anthony Tolliver$4,944
Garrett Temple$4,765
Starters$9,000 to $13,000
Chris Bosh$12,712
Deron Williams$12,514
Nikola Pekovic$12,898
Kevin Garnett$11,721
Danilo Gallinari$11,186

It’s a busy 11-game slate in the NBA tonight, which means over 260 players in the pool. Finding the ‘right’ eight is both an art and a science. You can change your lineups until 7:00 EST; for now I like this Thunder-heavy ‘stars & scrubs’ approach:

F1 Kevin Durant (OKC-F) $22,393
F2 Thaddeus Young (PHI-F) $14,058
G1 Russell Westbrook (OKC-G) $19,252
G2 Alexey Shved (MIN-G) $9,965
C1 Nikola Pekovic (MIN-C) $12,898
C2 Kevin Garnett (BOS-C) $11,721
U1 Anthony Tolliver (ATL-F) $4,944
U2 Garrett Temple (WAS-G) $4,765

The two longshots in my Utility spots allow me to spend more elsewhere. Tolliver got extra minutes last night when Josh Smith left the game, and Temple might have passed Shelvin Mack as the Wizards’ starting PG.

If you still haven’t tried daily leagues, click here to get started on DraftStreet. There’s no deposit required and they offer free leagues to help you test drive the various formats: Salary Cap, Pick ‘Em and Snake drafts. See you there!

Today’s Fantasy Spin previews all of tonight’s games in more detail and recaps Friday’s action, including Danilo Gallinari’s career-high 39 and a huge game from Will Bynum.

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