SH Blog: Kings “have no intention of trading” Cousins; Rose, Roy, Stoudemire injury updates

The DeMarcus Cousins situation continues to be a situation, with today’s blog marking the fifth consecutive headlines including his name (all in the last 10 days). Today’s top story provides our most complete and detailed look at that situation, covering all the angles, including Geoff Petrie’s job security, the Maloof brothers’ position and Cousins’ sudden switch of agents. Definitely a must-read.

The other story that has dominated the news over the last week or so is the Nets’ search for a new coach. There’s not a whole lot new on that; they haven’t met with anyone and they’re OK with P.J. Carlesimo in the interim. This isn’t the Lakers situation, where they needed to hire someone, and fast, and it was going to be Phil Jackson or Mike D’Antoni and nobody else. Meanwhile, Jan Hubbard’s got a new column with a final look at Avery Johnson … for now. We’ve also got a new batch of MVP rankings, so check those out as well.

Now here’s your latest NBA news, starting with that Cousins piece I mentioned up there.

  • Sam Amick of USA Today has been out in front of the coverage of the whole Cousins saga, and he’s got another piece up today that connects all the dots of the last 10 days. It’s pretty much all essential reading, so click on through for the full story. Here’s one excerpt: “While Cousins has insisted publicly that he does not want to be traded, his story has been different privately. The recent hiring of influential agent Dan Fegan has led to the widespread assumption within the organization that Cousins will eventually demand a trade. Specifically, two people close to the situation who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation said a trade to the Washington Wizards would be considered ideal for Cousins and Fegan because Cousins could rejoin former Kentucky teammate and fellow Fegan client, point guard John Wall. The Wizards, who are known to have expressed recent interest in Cousins, have been told by the Kings that they have no intention of trading him.”

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