Sheridan Hoops MVP Rankings After Week Nine

Presenting the latest MVP rankings, and the New Year’s resolution list.

After Jan. 1, I vow not to he too hard on LeBron James for any one or two particularly egregious losses. I tend to penalize him quite harshly when stuff like that happens, and I am doing so again today because it is December 30. I have 36 more hours to live this way before becoming reformed.

After Jan. 1, I vow not to let anyone talk me out of my NBA Finals prediction, which was what happened in late October when I picked the Knicks to win the East and then backed off until some particularly harsh criticism from a particularly strong-willed member of our staff. I’ll let you guess who. (BTW, I still believe the Knicks will beat the Heat in a seven-game series, should the teams meet.)

After Jan. 1, I vow to provide readers with more NCAA coverage. Those wheels are already in motion.

After Jan. 1, I vow to publish Sixth Man award rankings. Again, wheels rolling there.

After Jan. 1, I vow to listen to what my tweeps have told me and start providing a regular NBA gambling section. We are always striving to fill holes that other basketball Web sites are not filling, and that is one of them.

Happy New Year to all, and best of luck in 2013.

Thanks for your support of this site since its launch 16 months ago. Please tell 10,000 of your friends.

On to the ranks …

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