DraftStreet Diary: There’s A Game For Everyone

My roller-coaster ride last week ended $40 in the red, as Sunday was the wrong time to start Blake Griffin in multiple contests. Every Monday the bankroll resets to $100, and over seven nights of daily league fun, that’s less than $15 per diem. After doing this for a while, I’m making an ‘automatic’ $6 play every day — three teams at $2 each in the Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) Salary Cap game.

There are also Pick’Em contests, where you try to select the best player in each of eight tiers. Highly recommended for NBA fans who don’t follow every roster move obsessively, they have a limited player pool. At times, there’s just a two-man tier: LeBron James or Kevin Durant, for example. Other tiers might make you choose among five or six players. I join a $2 Pick’Em tournament every day, then decide if it’s worth adding a second or third team.

Though they take a bit more time, Snake drafts are another exciting option. Against one, two or six opponents, you take part in a live draft. Unlike the other two versions, once each player is chosen, he’s gone. I like the 3-man Snake when there are six NBA games or less, and the 6-man on busier nights.

At first, I thought 2-man and 3-man leagues were kind of boring, but that’s not the case. Theoretically, you can grind out a steady profit in those, to help finance your entries in the larger prize pools. If you play for $2 in the leagues with hundreds of entries, it makes sense to spend $5 in smaller games.

On this New Year’s Eve, three of the six NBA games begin early and all will be finished before midnight. Many leagues close at 3:00 EST; others that close at 7:00 are limited to just three games, which happen to be most likely to produce high scores. The choice is yours.

DraftStreet 15Dec. 31
StarsOver $13,000
LeBron James$23,394
Kevin Durant$22,393
Tony Parker$14,910
Tim Duncan$18,725
James Harden$18,930
ScrubsUnder $9,000
Hakim Warrick$8,534
Danny Green$8,817
Marco Belinelli$8,163
Gerald Green$4,583
Toney Douglas$8,149
Starters$9,000 to $13,000
Rudy Gay$12,532
Louis Williams$11,676
Kevin Martin$9,578
Deron Williams$12,643
Joe Johnson$10,611

As always, the chart offers suggestions in three different price ranges. There are a number of very expensive superstars available, but not many bargain ‘Scrubs’ to balance them with. The middle group seems pretty deep today.

F1 Kevin Durant (OKC-F) $22,393
F2 Marcus Morris (HOU-F) $9,088
G1 James Harden (HOU-G) $18,930
G2 Joe Johnson (BKN-G) $10,611
C1 Al Horford (ATL-C) $15,492
C2 Zaza Pachulia (ATL-C) $9,769
U1 Gerald Green (IND-G) $4,853
U2 Danny Green (SA-G) $8,817

That’s one lineup I’ve entered, subject to change if there’s word that Josh Smith will return to the Atlanta lineup. Both Al Horford and Zaza Pachilia will be much better plays if he doesn’t.

For fantasy hoops fans who still haven’t discovered the fun of competing in daily leagues, click here to join DraftStreet. There’s no deposit required and they offer free leagues to help you learn how to play.

Today’s Fantasy Spin previews all of today’s games in more detail and looks at what happened on Sunday — the Clippers can’t lose, and the Bobcats can’t win.


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