Tweet of the Day: Meyers Leonard

What defines a year? … Is the answer not the events that occurred?

And wow! … 2012 was loaded with events.

Thankfully, Portland Trail Blazers rookie center Meyers Leonard managed to sum up all of its parts in one compact tweet.

2012:Temple RunKONYCinnamon ChallengeYOLOCall Me MaybeOlympicsiPhone5Gangnam StyleHurricane SandyElectionSandy HookApocalypse
Meyers Leonard

As all-encompassing as that single tweet may be, it does not include any moments in sports (the Olympics withstanding).

This year has seen a lot happen in sports, especially here in the US.

To recap some of the marquee moments:

  • Manny Pacquiao fell at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez.
  • The New York football Giants won another Super Bowl at the expense of the New England Patriots.
  • The San Francisco baseball Giants swept the Detroit Tigers in the World Series after an improbable run that included trailing the Cincinnati Reds 2-0 in a best-of-five Divisional series, and (again) coming back in the best-of-seven League Championship Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

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